Why choose Fonts.com Web Fonts

Why choose fonts.com web fonts?

So you've decided to use Web fonts on your next project. Here are a few great reasons to choose the Fonts.com Web Fonts service for your first implementation.

Selection: Fonts.com Web Fonts doesn't just offer a lot of fonts. True, our collection contains thousands – enough for any design need. But, what really counts is the typefaces within that collection. We have the typefaces you're looking for with designs such as the Helvetica®, Frutiger® and Univers® faces. Our service is the exclusive home to many of the most renowned typefaces that designers love and companies depend on to communicate their brands.

Language coverage and supporting technology: We speak your language, and the language of your visitors. Our service offers fonts to support over 40 languages. Web pages display virtually instantly, even when using Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, thanks to new, patent-pending technology we've developed to address fonts that contain thousands of characters.

Unlimited website allowance: All subscription levels – including our free tier – allow for Web fonts to be used on an unlimited number of websites – and that includes sub-domains!

Desktop downloads: Why disrupt your design workflow to incorporate Web fonts? Desktop downloads are included with all annual subscriptions as well as our 30 day Professional plans. Keep your workflow as efficient as ever by incorporating your desired typefaces into your offline comps.

Font expertise you can count on: Our Web font solution aligns with our long-standing dedication to expand typographic capabilities. As font experts, we're firmly committed to providing the best type solutions to meet your needs.