Speed and reliability

Speed and reliability

The Fonts.com Web Fonts service is built upon a powerful and reliable global network. Fonts are deployed from across the world enabling us to deliver maximum speed and performance no matter where your visitors are located.

Our network harnesses hundreds of servers located across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. This, coupled with proprietary technologies that ensure quick page load times creates a service that offers minimal latency response times and is exceptionally reliable.

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With support for all major browsers, visitors will see your Web page as you intend them to. As a W3C member company, our Fonts.com Web Fonts service uses standards compliant techniques for serving fonts and provides the following browser support.

Google Chrome™ Google Chrome™ version 4.0 and later
Mozilla® Firefox® Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.5 and later
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 4 and later
Opera™ Opera™ version 10.10 and later
Apple® Safari® (Webkit) Apple® Safari® (Webkit) version 3.1 and later
Apple® Mobile Safari®, version 3.0 and later Apple® Mobile Safari®, version 3.0 and later

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