How it works

How it Works

The Web Fonts service allows you to bring the fonts of your choice to your website in just a few simple steps:

Create your project – Start by naming your project and listing the site domains that will use our service. You can create one project that handles all your domains, or separate projects for each.

Assign your fonts – Choose the fonts you like and assign them to your CSS selectors.

Add your code – We will provide you with a short line of code. Simply paste this code into your website and preview your results. The next time your website loads, it will display using the new fonts you’ve chosen.

Change your fonts without touching your code – The Web Fonts service provides a streamlined process for experimenting with type on your website. You can now quickly and easily view the impact of using of different typefaces without editing your website code.

Once your short line of code is in place, you’ll never need to touch it again. If you want to change a font, simply associate a new font with a selector using our portal. The new font will automatically display on your website without you having to touch the code.

If you prefer serve your Web fonts from your own server, check out our self-hosting option, available through our annual subscriptions as well as our 30 day Professional plans.

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